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Create custom surveys that meet your business needs with our digital survey service. Collect valuable customer insights and in-depth analysis with exceptional ease of use.

Digipop Survey Solution

Intuitif Survey

Our digital survey platform offers numerous pre-designed survey templates and themes that can be customized to create a polished and engaging survey experience for participants. You can also use a variety of question formats, including multiple choice and open-ended questions. This makes it easy to create surveys.

Seamless Distribution

Reach your target participants easily with our distribution tools. Distribute your survey by emailing, using social media, or texting invitations to ensure a seamless experience across all devices. This maximizes participation and data collection.

Advanced Reporting System

Getting the information you need, whether it's for government or business, should be fast. Automatically collect responses from respondents who provide real-time feedback with our advanced reporting.

Save Operational Costs With Digipop Survey

Our platform provides access to 180 million potential respondents across 514 cities in Indonesia. We offer a comprehensive range of respondent profiles, including demographic, behavioral, telecom and location profiles. Efficiently gather the insights you need by selecting profiles that match your target respondents.

Digital Survey

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